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How do I use my Buffalo Wild Wings coupons to get a discount?

Enter the coupon code in the box and save your order confirmation on your phone; alternatively print it and take it to the restaurant to show the waiting staff.

Are there any reviews online for Buffalo Wild Wings that I can read?

Yelp has many reviews to help you decide if you want to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Is Buffalo Wild Wings the same company as BW-3?

Yes. When the first restaurant was opened in 1982, the original name was Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck – ie BW-3.

Weck is short for kimmelweck, a Kaiser roll seasoned with special toppings. These tasty rolls are popular on the East Coast and served at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants when they first opened. In 1998, the name was officially changed to Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar to better describe the restaurants.

Where is my nearest Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant?

Use the online location finder to search for places with your city and country or zip code.

Are all Buffalo Wild Wings the same size?

Because chickens vary in size, Buffalo Wild WIng's suppliers cannot guarantee that all wings are the same size. They will strive to give their guests a quality product, but if you receive an order that you feel does not meet your expectations, you warn your server or a manager they will be happy to receive you.

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