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About Burpee

Burpee, or Burpee Seed Company, is one of the leading seed companies in the United States. It has a great legacy that goes as far back as 1881, when a young and independent W. Atlee Burpee started what would grow to become one of the largest companies in the United States. Originally Burpee started out as a livestock breeding company focusing on poultry. However, after listening to complaints about poor seeds from several farmers, Burpee adds planting seeds to the list of products offered to farmers. Since 1881, Burpee has grown to become a revolutionary company in the agricultural industry and provide reliable gardeners and farmers throughout the United States with reliable planting seeds.

When you shop at Burpee Gardening you can save money on your order by taking advantage of the frequent promotions offered by the company. The company also publishes details of its latest offerings on its social media accounts, so it is also worth checking them out. You can also get extra savings on all your Burpee purchases when you buy a Burpee coupon or promotional code. Browse the selection of coupons and promotional codes on Groupon and use them the next time you shop at burpee.com.

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