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How do I use my CVS photo coupon?

Are you ready for photo savings? Go this way – go to the CVS Photo website to browse the various photo print option ranges and make your choice! Add your items to your online basket and click on the cart icon to start the checkout. Watch out for the coupon box specified for your code.

Where can I see my previous CVS photo orders?

It's really easy to see your order history – all you have to do is log in to your account with CVS Photo and click on "order history". There you see all your previous orders listed.

Can I visit a CVS photo shop?

You probably can – it's a good idea to do it if you want to see the products yourself or take back an article. Find out where your nearest store is with the help of online stores. Just enter your location and click "search".

How long are my photos held by CVS Photo?

When you are an active member of CVS Photo, you can store photos online for free with CVS – as many as you want. Access your account at least once every 180 days and make a purchase at least once every 365 days to remain eligible for free storage.

Can I track my order from CVS Photos?

While you wait for your order to be processed by CVS, you can keep track of its status online. Just visit the site and log into your account to do so – there is a tracking option in your order history.

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You can call CVS Photo at (888) 607-4287 or email

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