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How do I use my Friend Coupon?

Do you want to fill your home or enjoy at a restaurant? Find the offer you want and save the coupon on your phone or print it. You can then bring it with you to use when you next buy Friendly's store or at a restaurant. The good news is that you can also save on your order when you get Friendly's delivered to your home! Just keep it handy and enter it when prompted during payment online.

Is there a friendship near me?

Today you will find more than 300 locations in the eastern United States in Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, Florida and South Carolina. You can find the place closest to you with the company's restaurant location on the website. You can also find retailers in the area transporting Friendly's ice cream products in the frozen section.

Does Friendly Deliver?

It makes it! You can now get the comfort food from Friendly & # 39; s right to your door. Just go to the "Order" tab on the restaurant's website for delicious Friendly & # 39; s pickup.

Do Friendly's have any recipes I can follow?

It really does! Discover a new way to enjoy your friendly products by browsing online recipes. From the classic grilled peaches, to the creative ice cream pigs, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Does Friendly's have any special offers?

You can discover the limited and delicious recipes at a Friendly's near you by scrolling through Specials. From new salty dishes, to tasty ice creams, you can read all about them on the online menu.

Connects to Friendly's

Email-friendly for product information via the contact form or use the restaurant finder to contact a specific branch.

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